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ABOUT US is wooden puzzles enchanting with their colors and shapes. The idea for this puzzle came from a desire to present them interestingly, to come up with a unique story for each puzzle. After creating these wooden puzzles of mythological animals, we searched for the most suitable solution for almost a year, looking for pleasant, durable, solid wood, ecological paints, suitable animal shapes, design solutions, and packaging subtleties.

We can finally share the fruits of our long work. is a puzzle designed and made with love, thinking about each of our future clients. Our puzzles are for adults and children. Each puzzle consists of many colorful animal figures that can be played with. Each puzzle detail is unique in its shape.

With the help of professionally world-renowned illustrators and designers, we can confidently say that we have created mythological animals that are unique in their colors and shapes, revealing their certain powers and qualities.


We will strive to make this puzzle a multi-generational game and a valuable gift that brings family or friends together for a common goal. We believe that this is a great opportunity to learn about the myths and legends of the past. puzzle is a form of leisure that will help you escape from everyday worries and immerse yourself in a fantastic world of mythology that amazes with its unique colors and shapes.

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