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Unique shaped wooden puzzle

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Made in European Union.

Our puzzles are more complex than usual cardboard puzzles because of unique shaped pieces.
160 pcs. unique shaped puzzle is similar to 500 average cardboard puzzle.
260 pcs. unique shaped puzzle is similar to 900 average cardboard puzzle.
600 pcs. unique shaped puzzle is similar to 2000 average cardboard puzzle.

Puzzles features:

  • Natural wood product.
  • Handmade.
  • Exceptional design.
  • Uniquely shaped details.
  • Eco-friendly paints are used.
  • Fade-free and non-smearing picture resistant to water.
  • Balanced for adults, but suitable for children from 3 years of age.
  • A solid, decorated wooden box for storing a puzzle.



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Each animal puzzle is based on the mythology or legends of different countries; we invite you to get acquainted with them:

In the depths of the forest, where the rainbow begins, a graceful unicorn emerges. His glowing white fur is adorned with rainbow-colored patterns. The unicorn raises his magical horn, which can cure all the diseases of the world, and gracefully walks towards the end of the rainbow, where the wonders of the world lie. Sometimes people see him, but because of his speed, no one has yet been able to catch him.

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Reviews (5)

    UNICORN photo review
    I've received this puzzle as a gift. I'm not really into the puzzles but this one was very different from the ones I saw before. I really enjoyed putting it together. Product itself is of a very good quality.
    UNICORN photo review
    UNICORN photo review
    UNICORN photo review
    It was the first time I've tried to do wooden puzzle. Pieces are very thick and fit together perfectly well. This makes a process even more satisfying.
    UNICORN photo review
    It's a great activity for children. I bought this Unicorn for my daugther and the day after she asked be to buy another one from this company.
    UNICORN photo review
    UNICORN photo review
    UNICORN photo review
    It's already my third puzzle from this beautiful collection. I'm super excited about it! The idea and the pieces itself are amazing. I'm becoming a huge fan of yours!
    UNICORN photo review
    This brand creates amazing high quality puzzles. I've tried several different wooden puzzles from different companies. Nonetheless, these ones are the only ones that never disappoints . Idea, packaging, pieces - everything is perfect.
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