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Black Wooden FENIX Frame

Black Wooden FENIX Frame

Wooden frame for our puzzle

65.00 $75.00 $

Wooden frame for puzzle FENIX is a new and original idea for the interior of your home. Solid, classic framing will decorate your home, and especially the children’s room.

Small FENIX frame dimensions – 33 x 48 cm.
Large FENIX frame dimensions – 43 x 68 cm.


The frame is made of real, painted wood, and the base itself is made of wood fiberboard. On the other side of the frame is a pendant made of rope so you can hang it.

For your convenience, we use plexiglass, which does not break into shatters and protects against injury. In appearance, it is no different from real glass. If you prefer regular glass, please indicate this in the order notes.

The stencil of a specific puzzle is cut out at the base of the frame, therefore, it will be very convenient to put the puzzle where it belongs.

No special tools are required to assemble the frame. You simply put the “layers” on top of each other and squeeze the metal brackets.


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